Thursday, May 12, 2011

Paper Crows

I expect to see some big things from Paper Crows. They are a duo consisting of Emma Panas & Duncan McDougall. They sound very spectral and ethereal. In “stand alight” I hear a slightly asian influence at parts. They also remind me slightly of Evanescence but with more of an electro feel. I instantly loved them. Emma sings and well, I’m guessing Duncan plays the instruments :/ But I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for an album.

There are a few songs on youtube and their myspace. ”Fingertips,” “Stand Alight" and "Follow the Leader" are the ones I have listened to so far, they are all equally spellbinding. There is also this amazing remix of "Stand Alight" by Monsieur Adi. This is their website which has nothing on it at the moment.


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